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It’s Time To Take Control

It’s Time To Take Control

There is no better time to start your mobile bartending service than post the pandemic!!!

Get Full Access to My Entire Online Course + My Cocktail Catering Software & All My Resources and Bonuses

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What will you get?

  • User friendly & easy to understand legal services and resources to comply with the law
  • Graphic design & branding tools to create a 10K brand for pennies on the dollar
  • Cost effective insurance & policy aids to protect your business
  • Free online tools, forms & accessories for all your business operations
  • Invoice & payment software to manage your sales and customers with ease
  • Website hosting, domain, development & security tools to design a functional website without any tech knowledge
  • The best event networking organizations to help you establish your business
  • Time, energy & money-saving social media tools & vehicles 
  • Business registration to ensure that your business meets legal requirements so you can sleep sound at night
  • Branding package for your cocktail catering company that will surely attract high-paying clients
  • Design of marketing materials to effectively establish your company in the event industry so you can book events with ease 
  • Competitive & fair pricing for your services to ensure you attract the right clientele so you never have to nickel & dime
  • Admin systems to automate all of your event management tasks, so you can focus on doing the things you love to do
  • Efficient & easy to use event booking system that will make you look like an absolute pro
  • Effective & proven marketing plan for cocktail caterers that will skyrocket your sales
  • Auto-calculating event order guides for you and your client to make sure you have everything you need for your event
  • Event BEO’s, manuals, checklists, and everything else you need to run your projects with ease
  • Easy to fill out event contracts and policies to protect yourself, your business and your clients
  • User friendly bookkeeping system to ensure you get the most deductions to keep your profit high
  • Marketing P&L system to help you keep track of your advertising spending and returns
  • Auto-calculating pricing tools to accurately calculate costs, price tags and profits

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