The Course

The course is designed to educate and prepare aspiring cocktail caterers for a career in events as well as improve the workflow and boost sales of existing mobile bartending companies. The course is broken down and organized by topics. This is a step by step tailored training and all categories and videos are listed in the order we think you should follow from top to bottom.

Feel free to skip any videos that don’t apply to you

Getting Started

We will show you how this website is organized and how you can easily navigate through the topics of the course

Branding Package

We will help you create a branding package for your cocktail catering company that excites your potential customers

Legal Stuff

We will guide you through the process of registering and insuring your business to ensure that it meets local and federal requirements

Pricing Structure

We will help you establish competitive and fair pricing for your services to ensure you attract the right clientele for your business

Admin Setup

We will teach you how to set up and link all of your admin systems so you can automate all of your event management tasks

Website Development

We will show you how develop a stylish and multi-functional website for your business that drives customers and grows your brand

Promotional Materials

We will help design and print all of your marketing materials so you can promote your business and establish your company in the event industry 

Booking Practices

From the initial inquiry and client correspondence to signing the contact and staffing your event, we will help you build a structured system that automates the entire booking process

Marketing Plan

We will show you how to effectively apply proven marketing strategies for cocktail caterers to promote your business and boost sales

Bookkeeping Practices

We will help you develop and set up an efficient bookkeeping system for your cocktail catering business

Event Practices

We will you teach the best event practices to ensure you provide a top-notch, dependable service


Access to all of the downloadable forms


Practical tools and resources for your business

CMC Forms

Our proprietary event, marketing and business forms that will help you run your company with ease

Bonus Courses

We will teach you how to add new services and more value to your business as well as any new trends, tools, and strategies we discover along the way

SEO Practices

We will teach you how to optimize your website for Google and Bing so your business gets exposure on the world wide web

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The Course


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