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Cater my Cocktail is the only website designed for people who want to start and grow their cocktail catering business. We know that starting a new business is no easy task – that’s why we did the heavy lifting for you. With content curated from a variety of sources, including industry best practices, event professionals’ insights, and thorough business research, Cater my Cocktail provides members with the most relevant and easy to digest information 

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Ivo Peshev


After 15 years spent behind the bar, in 2014 I decided to take the leap and start my first cocktail catering company called Flair Project. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to build a team of professional bartenders, to cater a number of events for high-profile celebrities, to expand beyond the confines of Santa Barbara, and to be featured in multiple publications. In addition, I served as a consultant for a number of cocktail catering companies on how to set up their business, improve operations, develop a marketing plan and ultimately attract high-end clients. I worked hard to transform my cocktail catering adventure into a profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable business. But I’ve also had my fair share of blunders and mistakes and I learned a lot from them. I built Cater my Cocktail as a place to teach fellow bartenders, cocktail enthusiasts, and bar owners everything I’ve learned over the years and present you with an alternative and enjoyable way to make money shaking cocktails

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